Arkansas highway shut down for 4 hours over a frozen pizza spill

Tractor Trailer Accident Covers Interstate In Little Rock With Frozen Pizzas

Drivers in Arkansas got an unexpected food delivery on Wednesday, after a truck carrying hundreds of frozen pizzas spilled its cargo onto the road.

Around 1,000 frozen pizzas spilled on to a major USA road after a large truck crashed into a bridge.

"Fortunately it did not turn into a horrendous disaster", Arkansas DOT spokesman Danny Straessle told Arkansas Online.

A mass load of the pizzas ended up spilling across Interstate 30 in front of the Arkansas Department of Transportation office. Sadler said an investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Straessle says the pizza sauce, the cheese and pepperoni, plus some spilled diesel left a "slippery spot".

Westbound lanes on I-30 reopened at 5:27 p.m., according to the Highway Department. "It smelled like a pizzeria out there", he said. "Lots of pizza fatalities".

Highway officials shut down westbound lanes of a cross-country interstate for four hours so crews could pick up pizza.



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