Are you ready for 30 more hours of No Man's Sky?

No Man's Sky may finally get co-op exploration and story overhaul in next update

For one thing, there's now much more story in the game, to the tune of 30 hours of new content. For instance, the upcoming update will supposedly flesh out the game's bare bones story by adding plot elements to the middle sections of the experience. But to their credit, they are determined to make this project they poured so much time, effort and money into a success.

No Man's Sky has finally received its first limited online multiplayer and while the developers have confirmed that it is limited to 16 players at a time, its interactivity hasn't been revealed in detail leaving it up for the player themselves to determine how they can interact with each other.

No Man's Sky was a major letdown for many players in its initial release. While interaction is limited, players who run into one another will be able to communicate via proximity based voice chat.

Away from the actual gameplay, several aspects of the game's interface have also been tweaked - including a new look to the galaxy menu, which can now be used to check the wealth, economy and conflict levels to different star systems.

No Man's Sky may have been the biggest disappointment of 2016, but that doesn't mean its developers have given up on it quite yet. The tone this part of the update is written in implies that the new aliens aren't here to party and help you along your journey. There are also procedurally-generated missions and a form of multiplayer called Joint Exploration, where other players are represented as floating orbs. Heck, you could even argue that Abzû told the same story too, but they did it so very differently that it became interesting again.

Complete Salvage missions for Guild rewards. Ancient portals can now be activated too, allowing players to revisit previous planets, others bases or jump randomly to new worlds.

Analyze resources before harvesting for to gain alternative resources from mining. Ship maneuverability has been improved, bringing more skill to dog-fighting abd devastating rockets can be equipped to ships and upgraded for even greater firepower. On that trip, you'll also find new "exotic plant types" on some planets, with Hello Games saying that the look and variety of biomes have been improved. Do you consider the game redeemable?



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