Apple is Working on Self-Driving Shuttle Service Called PAIL

Apple reportedly working on self-driving employee shuttle for its campuses

Those plans have been scaled back under the direction of Bob Mansfield.

Team members complained of shifting priorities and arbitrary or unrealistic deadlines. After longtime Apple hardware executive Bob Mansfield took over the Titan project previous year, he shifted its focus from building a vehicle to the technology behind it, the Times said.

Timothy D. Cook, CEO of Apple an interview, mentioned that Apple is "focusing on autonomous systems".

According to a report by The Verge, Apple is working to develop a "self-driving shuttle" that will be used internally to ferry its employees from Palo Alto to Infinite Loop. Executive Steve Zadesky, originally in charge of Titan, preferred to build a semi-autonomous vehicle, much as Tesla has now.

Apple's not alone among tech companies in giving up on making the whole vehicle.

The report shares that even though there were many issues unsolved, the Project Titan team begun work on "CarOS", and the teams also had trouble deciding whether to use C++ or Apple's Swift. While it may be some time before we see the fruits of Project Titan's labors, NYT notes that it may be a crucial aspect of the company's future.

Apple's shuttle isn't running just yet, according to this new report, but remains a plan the company intends to put in place.

Apple's headlong foray into autonomous vehicles underscores one of the biggest challenges facing the company: finding the next breakthrough product.

However, Apple executives apparently couldn't agree on a direction for the auto.

But the auto project ran into trouble, said the five people familiar with it, dogged by its size and by the lack of a clearly defined vision of what Apple wanted in a vehicle. This project is called as "PAIL", which is short for Palo Alto and Infinite Loop.



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