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Google Launches ‘Question and Answer’ Forum for Maps

With increasing number of apps, users end up using a whole lot of data than what they originally intend to. There is Facebook Lite, Microsoft's own set of apps and now Google joins the fray.

Google Search Lite is now in testing in Indonesia, hence the startup choices, but it will probably be tested in other markets like India soon.

Thus, Google has made a decision to follow in the footsteps of other companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter (sort of), and has started testing a new, lighter Search app. Search (Test App), as it's now called, offers users a number of data-saving and customization features not present in the current Google app. There isn't much to tinker with, aside from using Search Lite's built-in browser and enabling data saver mode, something that's also present in the larger Chrome app. The latter speaks to the current "Experimental" nature of the app.

Beyond offering an easier way to search the web, the app connects to other content including news, weather and Google's Translate service. Then, they need to go to the "Question & answers" section. "The functionality of 'Search Lite" app will be the same as Google's current cross-platform, 'Search.' The app is now only available on Play Store in Indonesia, reported Android Police. The app is still in its early stages and it might take some time before it is rolled out to users worldwide.

The Search Lite is created to address those concerns without gimping the experience that Google is known for.

The app is now only available in the Play Store in Indonesia.



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