Aaron Carter asks out Chloe Grace Moretz

Aaron Carter asks out Chloe Grace Moretz

He stated that the crush was mutual and added a heart-eyed emoji but to prove that he was serious he also added that they should set up a date.

The timing may be ideal as both Chloe Grace Moretz and Aaron Carter are not seeing anybody at this time when the "Kick-Ass" actress mentioned Carter as her childhood crush.

The 29-year-old singer then pointed out two men in the audience that he found "gorgeous", plus another one that he found "kinda cute". She has not publicly commented to the tweets. We used to fight about who would date Aaron Carter one day.

Carter told Bert Weiss, the host of The Bert Show, on Wednesday that he first knew he was bisexual around the age of 12.

Aaron Carter at the MixTape Festival in 2012. But if this friendly invitation would prosper, Chloe Grace Moretz might be a breath of fresh air for Aaron Carter. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Aaron Carter's father passed away in May of this year and Carter was hospitalized in June after he opened up about his eating disorder and the body shaming comments, which lead to his illness.

LGBTQ celebrities were really excited to see Aaron Carter come out as bisexual to his fans in a lengthy Twitter post last Saturday, some even admitting they want the pop singer to give them call. "She didn't want [to]", he said.



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