A zombie filled augmented reality coming soon with The Walking Dead

Daryl and Rick from The Walking Dead

Next Games is now working on a new mobile video game based on AMC's The Walking Dead, which sounds all well and good, but wait until you hear that it makes use of augmented reality gameplay, much like fellow mobile title Pokémon Go.

Since its first release "Pokémon Go" had proved to be a huge hit, the mobile phone game was able to add more numbers to Pokémon's already massive fan base and furthermore acted as a beckoning platform to introduce the newer generation of players to the Pokéverse.

Sure, "The Walking Dead: Our World" can not rival "Pokémon Go" in this manner but it's nevertheless a good start. The trailer features players fighting off undead in various locations such as a hospital and a convenience store, using weapons such as guns, grenades and even swords.

The cinematic trailer for the game showed the same eerie atmosphere that fans have grown accustomed to in the show.

During the game, you will be immersed into the type of action seen in the television show.

"The Walking Dead: Our World" is developed by Next Games, a Finnish studio responsible for another game in the same franchise called "The Walking Dead: No Man's Land".

Our World, said to be coming soon to iOS and Android devices, is timed to the October 22, season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, the comics adaptation that is aiming to return to its ratings of yore. Further information and updates can be found on the Next Games blog.



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