7-Year-Old Australian Boy Confirmed Missing After Barcelona Terror Attack

7-Year-Old Australian Boy Confirmed Missing After Barcelona Terror Attack

Another NSW woman who suffered serious injuries is in a stable condition, Ms Bishop said.

She is in a serious but stable condition, yet Julian's family say he is still missing this morning.

"Julian is seven years old and was out with Jom when they were separated, due to the recent terrorist activity".

According to the latest reports, a third person has been arrested in connection with the van attack in Barcelona.

Australia said at least four of its nationals were injured, and Italy three.

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms these brutal and cowardly attacks and, in the case of Las Ramblas, clearly created to harm and affect tourists who were visiting the area", Ms Bishop said.

"We found out an hour later this his seven-year-old son was with her". Please like and share.

His father, Andrew Cadman, from Sydney, is reportedly traveling to Barcelona to search for the boy.

The Foreign Office said a "small number" of Britons were among the injured from 34 countries.

"But we must work together if we are to confront this evil of terrorism and also to confront and deal with the perverted extremist ideology which drives it, ridding the internet of poisonous material and ensuring that our police and security services have the powers that they need".

The news came as Sydney-based Commonwealth bank worker Suria Intan was also named as a victim in the attacks.

A Hillsong Church spokesperson told AAP its church in Barcelona is supporting her and her family.

A spokesman for the Church said they had been in touch with Hillsong in Barcelona to support her.

Australia's consular hotline has received more than 380 calls, with government advice updated to urge travellers to exercise caution and heed the directions of local authorities.

At least 14 people have died and 130 more are injured following the two separate attacks in Barcelona city centre and the town of Cambrils close to the city.

The youngest victim of the Barcelona attack is believed to be a three-year-old girl.

A seven-year-old Australian boy remains unaccounted for after the attack. Town Mayor Patrick Dewael confirmed in a tweet that she was from Tongeren, 90km east of Brussels.



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