19 killed in China 7-magnitude quake

Pandas safe after latest earthquake to hit Sichuan

One of the rescued is a 51-year-old tourist from Zhejiang Province in Eastern China, while the other is the daughter of a scenic area staff member.

In the wake of a 7.0-magnitude quake which hit Sichuan's scenic Jiuzhaigou County on Tuesday night, one of the China's most majestic waterfalls has been reduced to nothing more than a pile of mud.

The National Disaster Reduction Centre of China estimated that at least 24,000 homes were destroyed or seriously damaged in the Tuesday quake.

The Jiuzhaigou region is forecast to receive slight to moderate rainfall in the coming days, the provincial meteorological bureau said.

Many were also sitting in cars, thinking it safer.

At least eight of the dead were tourists at Jiuzhaigou, which has a national park known for its spectacular waterfalls and karst formations, according to the disaster relief headquarters.

More than 38,000 people visited the tourist site on Tuesday, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

Meanwhile, two more people were rescued on Friday morning, some 60 hours after the tremor hit China's Sichuan Province, state-run news agency Xinhua reported.

The quake struck at a shallow depth of 10 kilometres, the USGS said, and was reportedly felt hundreds of kilometres from the epicentre.

In addition, 23,477 local residents were evacuated to safety.

The temblor that struck the popular tourist destination in Jiuzhaigou County in Sichuan province on Tuesday night was followed by another 6.6-magnitude quake yesterday in the far northwestern region of Xinjiang province.

Photos from the area posted on social media showed masses of people milling about on streets scattered with light debris, and a taxi dented from being hit by a large boulder.

The Red Cross Society of China's statement said it had deployed emergency crews and volunteers to assist affected communities.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has asked worldwide tour operators in the country to follow the developments of a severe quake that recently hit China's Sichuan province and adjust their schedules to ensure safety for tourists.



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