You can start tipping your Uber drivers in Denver today

Uber in-app tipping starts today in San Diego

This latest rollout is part of its "180 Days of Change" campaign, which the company is using the gain favor with its drivers.

Uber drivers in Colorado Springs will now be able to collect tips through the app.

As a rider, you have up to 7 days after the trip to rate the driver and add a tip. To mark the change, Uber said it will match every tip given to drivers on Tuesday.

The tipping feature is available nationwide. "Now, riders have the option to recognize your service by adding a tip after their trip".

There is no minimum to tip but there is a $100 maximum cap.

"When we started Uber six years ago, we thought long and hard about whether to build a tipping option into the app". Some riders tip drivers in cash.

In a statement Monday, Lyft illustrated the impact of its tipping feature on its driver earnings, while issuing a characteristic jab at its chief competitor.

Drivers are asked to update or download their apps again and tap "accept tips" when the app prompts them to. Tipping won't affect a rider's rating on Uber, the company said. Uber has said the decision to activate in-app tipping came independently of any legislation, and had been in the works for some time.



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