Woman dragged along Rome metro platform after bag gets stuck in door

Woman dragged along Rome metro platform after bag gets stuck in door

A woman was dragged along a Rome metro platform after the strap of her bag got stuck in the subway door. The driver reportedly found out about the incident when he stopped at the next station.

Natalya Garkovich, 43, ended up in intensive care with a broken back and punctured lung after the strap of her handbag was caught in the closing door.

Dramatic video footage shows the woman being dragged along and bystanders rushing to try and stop the train and free her from the door.

The woman suffered extensive injuries, including several broken bones, and is now in intensive care at a Rome hospital.

The train driver was reportedly eating before he began driving the train.

At that moment the doors close and the train moves away, dragging her along by her handbag.

Compagna told Italian newspaper Corriera della Sera he is devastated by what happened, but said, "In the video, it can also be seen that I looked twice in the mirror". Authorities are now investigating but improvements have already been mentioned by officials.

Tonelli was said to have been unaware of what happened until he arrived at the next station.

'The lady made a unusual maneuver up and down, the security system has not reported anything to me and I left.

"The train driver respected protocol".

Stefano Bottoni, national secretary of trade union Sul, added: "If the trains were equipped with cameras in the cockpit it might have been different". But the driver got the signal that it was safe to go and only had to control the lights.



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