What happens if Trump fires Mueller?

Attorney General El Salvador

Mr Graham's warning comes as the president has repeatedly attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the Russian Federation inquiry after failing to disclose a meeting with the Kremlin's envoy during his confirmation hearing. And frankly, if he hadn't recused, I would have called him up and said, 'What are you waiting for?

It remains to be seen whether Trump will order Mueller to be fired. "There are very few Republicans in Baltimore, if any". If Sessions is out, he will presumably be replaced by an amenable attorney general who will likely terminate Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as well.

"Ryan said "[America] is not just a country", instead referring to the United States as an "idea", under which immigration should be unlimited. But the clearest portent of a crisis is the president's increasingly evident desire to be rid of the meddlesome prosecutor, who appears to be doing his job too well.

Question: But did that email concern you, that the Russian government was trying something to compromise.

Trump has recently decried what he says is a double standard between the scrutiny over his associates' interaction with Russian officials and the investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state. "That they have information on Hillary Clinton, and I said - I mean, this was standard political stuff". Barry M. Goldwater of Arizona, the GOP's 1964 presidential nominee, said Nixon's credibility "has reached an all-time low from which he may not be able to recover". What does anyone do?

(GRAHAM) I think maybe it other than his concession speech I think was the most important speeches the most moving speech and you know he's my buddy so you know where I come from I can't think of any major thing I've done without John being there.

"A lot of people would have taken that meeting", Scaramucci said. What was he thinking?

Trump spoke of a "red line" for the Russian Federation investigation in a New York Times interview last week, arguing his family's finances would not be within the scope of Mueller's investigation. Would that be a breach of what his actual charge is?

The poll also indicated a large gap in opinion exists across partisan lines with 67 percent of Democrats saying they believe ousting Mueller would be inappropriate versus 11 percent who say otherwise.

(Kilmeade) Senator Reid was caught off on camera on mike by mistake talking to Susan Collins and said we think that basically I just paraphrase we think the president might be insane how many people feel that? Whatever he wants to look at, he is welcome to look at, and the sooner the better, because the sooner it will prove that I've done nothing wrong.

In contrast to President Trump's ongoing criticism of the nation's news media, which he often calls "fake news", former CIA Director John Brennan in his remarks at the Aspen Security Forum on Friday night said a free press is "one of the real foundational pillars" of USA democracy and the intelligence community has a responsibility to defend it. Here's copies of my tax returns for the past 10 years, and here's my business records, showing every real estate deal I've done with Russian oligarchs, the prices they paid me compared with market price, and so on.



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