We don't have the money to put humans on Mars


In the case of NASA, the agency recently admitted during a meeting that even landing on Mars is beyond them. "With a Mars mission looking further and further away, Gerstenmaier said refocusing on the moon could be the most viable option in the immediate future, since the technology does exist for an 'extensive" moon program, which could pave the way for a Mars trip.

On March 21, President Donald Trump issued a mandate for the agency to get people to Mars by the 2030s, and within a week, NASA came up with a detailed plan for landing a human on the Red Planet.

Mr Gerstenmaier's admission comes just days after Vice President Mike Pence said that the United States will "usher in a new era" of American space leadership, but budget cuts for Nasa from the Trump Administration seem to have taken its toll.

The two missions are expected to test the deep-space Orion Spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket in 2019 and 2022, respectively, which will allow NASA to develop the capabilities for the next stop at Mars, including a construction of a spaceport in lunar orbit, Deep Space Gateway.

Gerstenmaier also said that NASA is exploring Moon missions, including establishing a base on Earth's satellite.

Now, NASA's chief of human spaceflight William H. Gerstenmaier has admitted, via Ars Technica, that he can't really say when the USA space agency will actually reach Mars.

At the time Lightfoot said he found that USA president Donald Trump was supportive of its goal to get humans to Mars, despite the $500m budget cut.

For the most part, it would seem that some of the biggest obstacles that prevent the USA space agency from achieving such a goal are the costs that its current rocket technology would incur.

In a recent report outlining his intentions, Mr Musk said if each SpaceX flight carries 100 people and there are 1,000 flights, then "it would take 40-100 years to achieve a fully self-sustaining civilisation on Mars". Basically, as of this moment, Elon Musk's private space company is the best hope that humanity has.



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