TV and movie veteran Martin Landau dead at 89

Martin Landau, Oscar Winner for 'Ed Wood,' Dies at 89

Martin Landau, one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood, with a career that spans film and television and almost 60 years, died on Saturday, July 15, 2017.

According to Deadline, the actor died on Saturday night following unexpected complications after a brief stay at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Martin Landau, the Oscar-winning actor of Ed Wood and the star of the 1960s TV series Mission: Impossible has died at the age of 89.

He was an Oscar victor who worked with such iconic directors as Alfred Hitchcock, Francis Ford Coppola and Woody Allen; earned three Emmy nominations for his role as a suave spy in the cult '60s series "Mission Impossible" - and even taught Method acting to a young Hollywood hopeful named Jack Nicholson.

He did. Makeup faithful to Lugosi and knowledge of the horror star's body language he gleaned from filmed interviews helped Landau stride away from his "Ed Wood" performance with both an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Landau had been described as a "guiding force" in the Actors Studio for over 60 years, and was serving as Artistic Director of Actors Studio West at the time of his death.

On behalf of 411, our condolences to the family, friends and many fans of Mr. Landau. "And I could still hear my mother say, 'You did what?!'"

What may surprise many people out there now is that Landau had an opportunity to play another part in a classic series in Star Trek.

Landau also was an admired acting teacher who taught the craft to the likes of Jack Nicholson.

Landau recently celebrated his 89th birthday. He also had prominent roles in the first X-Files movie (as a paranoid scientist), Rounders (as a poker-playing law professor), and The Majestic (as a bereaved gold-star father who mistakes amnesiac Jim Carrey for his long-lost son). "But I knew if I took that job I would never leave, so I quit. I wanted to act". "In a well-written script, the dialogue ... is what [characters] are willing to share", Landau said in 2001. Survivors also include Landau's sons-in-law Roy and Deverill, sister Elinor, granddaughter Aria, and godson Dylan.

In recent years, Landau starred on television hits "Entourage" and "Without a Trace".

Landau was married to Bain between 1957 and 1993; they had two children together, Susan and Juliet.



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