Trump's approval stands at 50% in the counties that fueled his win

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On Sunday, Trump brushed off the poll, saying it has a history of inaccuracy, while rounding up his approval rating to 40 percent.

Half of Americans say Trump is doing a worse job than most past presidents, while just under one-quarter say he is doing better, and a similar share say he is faring about the same as previous presidents.

In the Trump "surge counties" (for example: Carbon, Pa., where Trump won 65 percent to 31 percent, versus Romney's 53-45 percent margin) - 56 percent of residents approve of the president's job performance. It's the lowest rating of any president at the same point in their term in over 70 years.

Despite Mr Trump's claims on the campaign trail to "make America great" on the world stage, the survey found 48 per cent believed the USA has actually been weakened.

- 26 percent believe it was appropriate for Trump's son, Donald Jr., to meet last summer with a Russian lawyer who said she had damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

In a new poll published by ABC News, a public approval rating poll was taken on Trump's six-month run so far, and the results were. well, they're not good.

Trump, who is known to keep a close eye on polls, responded with predictable scorn, tweeting that the ABC-Washington Post polls were "just about the most inaccurate poll around election time".

Also contributing to Trump's low approval ratings: 52 percent said they believed Trump, who fired FBI Director James Comey and declared the investigation a "witch hunt", was interfering with the probe, while 37 percent said he was cooperating.

Two-thirds of Americans do not believe the President is capable of negotiating and interacting with other world leaders on the global stage, most particularly with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Most participants (55 percent) thought Trump's G20 summit visit was not sucessful.

The survey showed that 82 percent of Republicans approved of Trump versus just 11 percent among Democrats.

Thirty-eight percent of Republicans and 48% of white evangelical Protestants also deemed Trump's behavior unpresidential, according to the poll. According to Sunday's poll, half of Americans said they prefer ObamaCare over the new Republican plan to replace it, with the plan only supported by 24 per cent of respondents. Among Democrats, eight in ten believe Russian Federation attempted to influence the election and more than six in ten think members of Trump's team attempted to aid their efforts.

On the plus side, opinions about Trump's economic proposals were evenly divided, with 43 percent of respondents approving and 41 percent disapproving.

Trump's disapproval rating has risen to 58 percent in the national survey, which was conducted last Monday through Thursday.

Americans who disapprove of Trump focused heavily on the president's personal and character traits.



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