Trump wanted to collude, but did Putin?

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Trump Jr. said Tuesday he would be "happy" to work with a Senate Intelligence Committee now investigating alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election after he himself acknowledged meeting a Kremlin-linked lawyer during his father's campaign.

The Russian government has denied any involvement in or knowledge of the June 2016 meeting. He'll also work closely with Trump's personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, who is the head attorney handling the case for Trump.

It was revealed over the weekend that during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian attorney in order to receive incriminating information about Hillary Clinton.

One by one, President Trump's surrogates have dismissed a report by the New York Times showing emails between Trump Jr. and a business associate who indicated that the Russian lawyer had compromising information about Hillary Clinton.

Several US media described Akhmetshin as former Soviet counterintelligence officer who is suspected by some US officials of having ongoing ties to Russian intelligence. That includes reigning in the President, who is known for ranting on Twitter about the matter. "Never", he told the Post.

"I will send the names of the two people meeting with you for security when I have them later today", Goldstone wrote.

Akhmetshin told the AP that Veselnitskaya trucked out a folder full of documents that she said would incriminate the DNC for shady fundraising activities.

The story also said that the RNC was researching whether it was legal to cover the fees but that some within the committee thought it would be more appropriate to create a different legal defense fund instead of using an already existing RNC fund.

The Senate Intelligence Committee said Trump, Jr. and Kushner will be called to testify.

The proof? If the meeting had involved receiving information from the Russian government for the goal of derailing Clinton's campaign, surely Paul Manafort, the campaign manager, would have directed everyone involved to delete the incriminating emails.

Futerfas confirmed that, "for the goal of security or otherwise, the names were reviewed" but said Trump Jr. knew nothing about the man's background at the time of the meeting. "Nothing happened from the meeting", the president said. "In fact, it has been reported that he worked for the GRU and allegedly specialises in 'active measures campaigns, 'i.e subversive political influence operations often involving disinformation and propaganda".

That's what California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said about Don Jr.'s 20-minute meeting with Veselnitskay last June. He said Donald Trump Jr. merely got ensnared in a longstanding Russian effort to change a law that Obama had passed in 2012 whose goal was to sanction Russia for the alleged torture/death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in 2009. And we understand senior administration officials say his goal is to impose some discipline in the White House regarding how it handles and responds to all of these Russian Federation matters.

Rinat Akhmetshin, now a lobbyist, confirmed to USA media he was present at the Trump Tower encounter.



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