Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting Dogs President in Paris

Marc Kasowitz arrives at a press conference on June 8 after the testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey

The president argued "most people would have taken that meeting", arguing politics is a contact sport and Donald Trump Jr. was merely doing what any political operative would have in the search for information to potentially damage an opponent in a tough race.

Sen. Chuck Grassley says he'd subpoena the president's eldest son if necessary. The government, the lawyer said, "made the further accommodation of allowing his Russian lawyer into the country to assist".

For it appears his son was eager to see if the Russians might have dirt on Clinton, and Trump Jr. didn't shy away from a meeting to find out.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein will request Donald Trump Jr. testify before the committee.

When he was campaigning Mr Trump criticised France.

NBC said Veselnitskaya denied having any connection to the Kremlin and insisted the meeting was to discuss USA sanctions against Russian Federation, not the presidential campaign. "It's called opposition research".

Trump said multiple times that he believes his son a great person and that it is his belief that most people working in politics would have taken that meeting.

"Whether it's Russian Federation or anybody else, we can't let there be even a scintilla of doubt when it comes to an election", the president said, ignoring the fact that almost a year ago as a candidate he publicly invited Russian Federation to find and steal Clinton's missing emails deleted from her personal server.

Trump says the woman is a private attorney who has "roamed the hallways" of the US Congress.

She had initially been denied access to the U.S., but was granted a special immigration parole by the then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch because she was helping defend client Denis Katsyv, a Russian businessman, against a Justice Department asset forfeiture case in federal court in New York City.

The senior lawmaker is raising questions about how Natalia Veselnitskaya was able to gain access to the US for a June 9 meeting with Trump Jr., then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and senior aide and President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

As an attorney, Veselnitskaya was involved in a Justice Department lawsuit against a Russian investment law firm where her access to the US became an issue.

If all parties agree, the cessation of fighting in the unnamed portion of Syria would follow one still in place in the southwestern part of the war-torn country that he finalized with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week in Germany.

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron held a press conference on Thursday during Trump's trip to Paris.

In a related development, Macron called for the the USA and France to step up their cooperation against violent extremist groups like ISIS.

Following the publication of NBC's report, White House Correspondent (and one of the report's contributors) Hallie Jackson tweeted an addition that will undoubtedly spawn more updates.



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