The White House Just Published People's Personal Data Online

The White House Just Published People's Personal Data Online

Yet that is exactly what has happened in response to a request my office (and others) received from President Trump's so-called Commission on Election Integrity. Many states rejected the commission's request for detailed data on voters, with some noting that sharing pieces of the requested data would violate state law.

Many public comments submitted to federal agencies are released with commenters' names and other information.

Trump established the advisory commission in May with a broad mandate, but the effort has been clouded by partisanship and distrust from the start. Several states refused to send any data, and the commission soon decided against the plan. It asked for a response by Friday. "By every relevant metric, our state ranks as a leader in election administration".

"Frankly, if a state like Kentucky or California won't provide available information, one has to ask the question, 'Why not?' " Kobach said last month.

"I respectfully request, as an American-born citizen legally eligible to vote for two decades, that you leave my voter data and history alone, do not publish it, and do nothing with it", said another.

The commission letter states that all information provided in response to its request would be made available to the public; meaning your voter information would be available to anyone and for any goal. Though that figure makes up just 0.09 percent of the state's 3.7 million registered voters, county officials say they've never seen anything quite like it in their careers.

"It's my hope that folks who withdrew their registration will re-register, particularly once they realize that no confidential information will be provided and that the parties and presidential candidates already have the same publicly available information from the 2016 election cycle", Williams stated.

This appears to be a completely unredacted dump of every message - positive or negative, with no editing - sent to the email address the commission requested that secretaries of state use, which also seems to serve as its email address for public comment.



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