Telegram blocks 'terror' content after Indonesia threat

Telegram blocks 'terror' content after Indonesia threat

Those channels are now blocked and it is forming 'a dedicated team of moderators with knowledge of the Indonesian language and culture to be able to process reports of terrorist related content more quickly and accurately'.

Pavel Durov, founder of the messaging app, said in on Telegram that there had been a "miscommunication" with Indonesian authorities, as he was not aware of a request by the government to take down certain channels.

The communications ministry said in a statement that "so many channels in the (Telegram) service contain radicalism and terrorism. encouragement and tips to assemble bombs or launch attacks" that it needed to block it.

Samuel Pangerapan, the director general of informatics applications at the ministry, said they are preparing for the complete closure of Telegram in Indonesia if it does not develop procedures to block unlawful content.

"To fix the situation, we will implement three solutions", Durov said on Sunday.

But the Indonesian government's move has led to a public outcry in Indonesia, with Twitter and Facebook exploding with negative comments and some people reporting they were unable to access the domain.

"If there is no improvement we will really consider closing the platform, we are sorry if we have to because we want to maintain relations so the social media technology can be properly utilised", the minister said, as reported by Detik.

"Monitoring by the ministry has so far found no criminal elements, recruitment or fund collection for terrorism activities in the application (Telegram)", he said after attending a Hari Raya open house event at Jakel Mall, here today.

Unlike rival messenger service WhatsApp which reportedly provided data to Australian police and intelligence officials 657 times a year ago in its effort to fight terrorism, Telegram has refused to immediately comply with the Iranian government's request to restrict some of its bots and sticker packs as well as access to Iranian users private chats.

The address came following an abrupt limiting of messaging service Telegram late last week.

The Berlin-based app uses two layers of encryption, and claims to be faster and more secure than other messaging services.

The ministry had also threatened to ban Telegram applications completely unless the company developed better practices for scrubbing illegal content from its platform.

He said Telegram had now blocked those channels and would act to respond to future requests from Indonesian officials.



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