Teen electrocuted in bathtub sent photo of frayed cord before death

Teen electrocuted in bathtub sent photo of frayed cord before death

Coe's parents agreed to release the photo to raise awareness about the dangers of combining electricity, water and portable electronic devices.

The 14-year-old girl, Madison Coe, was electrocuted earlier this month while using her cell phone in the bath. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Lovington Police Department have determined that the phone itself never was submerged in the tub. It is believed she took the photo, sent it with a text to a friend, just before she died. She was reportedly electrocuted when she touched a frayed portion of the extension cord that she had plugged into the wall.

Officials from Friendship Independent School District said that with a heavy heart they mourn the loss of Madison Coe. Forensic evidence indicated that she came in contact with this area of the frayed extension cord while she was still in the bathtub which contained water at the time, resulting in her electrocution. Before this incident took place, she was expected to start her high school in Houston, as her family was shifting. She was also known as a basketball player and a member of Terra Vista Middle School band's tuba.

The teenager's grandmother Donna O'Guinn said that the girl was her "shining star" and Madison was wiser than her age.

"She was such a bright, vibrant, very intelligent, loving, caring young lady", O'Guinn-Downs said.

The grieving grandmother then explained how there was a "burn mark" on Madison's hand from where she grabbed the phone, before adding she hopes it can be a lesson to others in future.

The tragedy happened at Madison's father's house in Lovington, New Mexico, where the Texas teen was spending the summer, notes the New York Daily News. The family is now trying to discourage people from using their cell phones in the bathroom while it is plugged on to the electrical socket to charge.

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