Teen arrested for murdering mom, enlisting help of friend in elaborate coverup

Teen arrested for murdering mom, enlisting help of friend in elaborate coverup

A spokesman for the Whiteside County Sheriff's Office in IL confirms that law enforcement has arrested the teenage daughter of Peggy Schroeder, who was deaf.

Anna was charged Tuesday with two counts of first-degree murder, concealment of homicidal death and arson.

An autopsy was done, but the official cause of death will not be released until the pathologist's report is complete, which could take several weeks, said Sterling Police Chief Tim Morgan, who was the deputy coroner who responded to the scene.

The girl did not enter a plea during a court hearing Tuesday in juvenile court.

That's when they found Schroeder's body inside the home. If convicted, she could be behind bars until she is 21.

Her lawyer, Jim Mertes, declined to discuss the allegations against his client.

Police eventually arrested two juveniles in connection with the crime.

Molina said the second girl had returned home after the incident and admitted the details to her mother, who drove her to the sheriff's department to tell police.

An Illinois teenager is accused of shooting her mother to death then enlisting her friend's help in burning down the home to destroy the evidence. The girls then met at the house to clean up evidence, and allegedly planned a getaway. They moved the body from the living room to her bedroom, covered her with a bed sheet and set the sheet on fire.

Anna was picked up at her dad's house and later confessed everything. The girls told the detective they were planning to run away and had even dyed their hair colors in anticipation.

Firefighters were called to the home shortly after 1 p.m. Saturday. She then texted a picture of the body to Helm, who then went to the house.

Anna went to her father's home (although it's not clear from testimony how she got there) Rachel went back to her family in Rock Falls. The daughter was located at her father's house.

Before police could arrest her, Anna posted on her mother's Facebook page. Rachel's mother took her daughter to Whiteside County Sheriff's Department where she confessed.

"I started crying I just couldn't believe it, because my mom was always very careful with candles and stuff", Kaylene Schroeder said. "I love you so much mom I just want you to know and I'll never forget you", she wrote.

Her post included two heart icons, according to the site.

Schroeder's sister also took to Facebook to grieve, according to SaukValley.com, where she wrote, "It warms my heart to see all the love and beautiful words from all of [Peggy's] friends". And while Kaylene is still shocked at her younger sister's alleged actions, she had some harsh words for Anna, whom she described as "irrelevant" at this point in her life.



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