Surgeons find 27 contact lenses lodged in woman's eye

Surgeons find 27 contact lenses lodged in woman's eye

"She was quite shocked", Morjaria, who worked on the patient, told Optometry Today.

'It was such a large mass. Morjaria said the patient had credited her discomfort to old age and dry eyes.

"Because she had harboured these contact lenses in her eye for an unknown length of time, if we had operated, she would have had a lot of bacteria around her conjunctiva", explained Morjaria. When the patient came back two weeks later, she said that her eyes felt a lot more comfortable. She brushed it off as something related to dry eyes and old age, she told surgeons afterward.

However, one doctor is now urging contact lens-users to not get complacent about taking them out and replacing them. According to media reports by The Indian Express, Rupal Morarjee, a trainee ophthalmologist at Solihull Hospital near Birmingham, first found 17 lenses and they noticed ten other lenses in the woman's eye.

A odd blueish mesh was discovered by the doctors in the woman's eye who had actually come for cataract operation.

Unfortunately for the pensioner her cataract operation had to be postponed following the surprising discovery.

Props to that woman for taking that discomfort like a boss, but a reminder to the rest of us to keep up to date with our optometrist appointments. The patient had been wearing monthly disposable contact lenses for some 35 years, she said.

Luckily for the woman, she appears to have been relatively unharmed by the contact lenses and says her eyes feel a lot better now they are out.

The American Optometric Association website said improperly used contact lenses could cause corneal abrasions, corneal edema, corneal ulcers or eye infections, which all could led to medical or surgical treatment.

Some of us who experience vision problems might resort to using contact lenses as an alternative to wearing spectacles, due to its convenience and more natural look.

She also highlighted that since nowadays people can easily buy lenses online, they became lazy about having regular checkups.



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