Sean Spicer defends the Trumps' overseas production during 'Made in America' week

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This would give a tax credit to companies that conduct research and development in the well as manufacture products from that research and development.

A list of "Made in America" products from businesses set to represent 50 states at a White House event on Monday said that NY is being represented by Steinway & Sons pianos. Certain things we may not have capacity to do here in terms of a plant or a factory. "Their interests were pushed aside for global projects and their wealth was taken from the communities and shipped overseas", said Helen Aguirre Ferre, White House director of media affairs.

The president is also expected to issue a proclamation July 19 on the importance of making goods in America.

President Donald Trump is hosting the event to help send his message of putting America First.

Trump has pledged to bring back United States manufacturing jobs by scaling back regulations and renegotiating the country's trade deals. Lawmakers are reviewing whether the Trump campaign's team worked with Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.

President Trump and his daughter Ivanka have been slammed for making their products overseas.

There's just one glaringly obvious problem with that - it's a quality the Trumps themselves have struggled to uphold, relying heavily on foreign manufacturing to make their products. These factories employ low-wage workers in countries such as Indonesia, China, and Bangladesh.

"Campbell is proud to be representing the state of New Jersey at the White House's "Made in America" expo in Washington, D.C.", company spokesman Thomas Hushen said. The administration responded by saying, "We'll get back to you on that".

The White House's new theme is already taking flak from those pointing out the Trump Organization's business history.



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