Priyanka Chopra on her singles & autobiography

Priyanka Chopra

Meanwhile Priyanka, who is turning a year older on July 18, has returned to Europe and then to U.S. to complete her film Isn't It Romantic? and other projects.

Priyanka further took to her official instagram account on Saturday and shared a charming video clip of herself where she has been seen performing some desi steps in a much delighted way.

Priyanka Chopra is back in the bay and she is doing what she loves to and that's work. We will be travelling to Pune to celebrate my birthday.

So as she is in Mumbai, she held a press conference with her mother, Dr Madhu Chopra to promote her Marathi production venture, "Kay Re Rascala".

"I feel really grateful to be a part of the Academy Award committee".

"With (American series) Quantico and some worldwide films, like Isn't It Romantic? and A Kid Like Jake in her kitty, Priyanka now considers herself a Hollywood star". I got invited, and I accepted the invitation. They ask for our opinions. My view and opinion are that it opens itself up to nominations for foreign language films outside of just one category.

"I hope that is something which happens because there are so many films which come from the world, even Indian films". It would be great to see homemade Indian films winning awards for their content and talent. "I wish to change that", said Priyanka.

On co-producing an American TV show with Madhuri Dixit, Pee Cee said, "I am developing a lot of things". I want to tell stories, digitally. Also, the monsoon is here and she can't hold her excitement of her vacations.



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