New Marvel VR Game Announced for Oculus Rift at D23

Анонсирована Marvel Powers United VR для Oculus Rift

As it's being developed by Oculus and Sanzaru games, Marvel Powers United VR will only be showing up on Rift, not competing devices like HTC Vive or PlayStation VR.

Representatives from Marvel Etnertainment and Oculus Rift took the stage at the Disney-run D23 Expo's "Level Up!" Video Games Showcase had a lot to excite gamers.

Marvel Games made it clear back in May that they have plans to release major VR titles in the near future, and the studio didn't disappoint. Created to be played in co-op, the game allows multiple players to team up and work together to defeat enemies and complete missions. Titled Powers United VR, the game puts players into the shoes of a variety of iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe characters.

The announcement trailer is available to view below.

Marvel promises that you definitely can expect to encounter with the Hulk, Rocket, Captain marvel and Ronan the Accuser. They will get to pick their favorite Marvel heroes.

"We're starting with just a few characters right now, but by launch there will be over a dozen playable Marvel characters and even more team combinations". Hulk towers over the enemies and as you unleash his abilities you can see his hands come together for his trademark Hulk smash. The inclusion of Captain Marvel is particularly interesting as it suggests that heroes not included in the Marvel cinematic universe - at least not yet - might make an appearance in the game.

Furthermore, if you want a chance to play the game, visit the Marvel booth July 19-23 at San Diego Comic-Con.



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