New 'Doctor Who' star to be revealed Sunday


One and BBC America said today that all will be revealed following the men's final of Wimbledon. Capaldi is set to appear one more time as the character for the show's 2017 Christmas Special which is appropriately titled "The Doctors".

Capaldi became the 12th actor to play Doctor Who in the sci-fi series when he took over the role from Matt Smith in 2013. The news was revealed via a tweet showing the key to the TARDIS (The Doctor and time and space machine).

For months speculation has run rampant over the identity of the next Doctor, with Kris Marshall now being favourite to take the sonic screwdriver reins.

Talk of a gender swap has been a constant since the 1980's when then producer John Nathan-Turner suggested outgoing Doctor, Tom Baker, could be replaced with a woman. With such high acclaim for her work on the series as proof it can be done and done well, we feel safe saying it would be hugely surprising (and frankly, disappointing) to see another white man step into the part, at least for this go-around. The 12th Doctor suffered fatal injuries at the hands of the Cybermen in the 10th Season's finale, "The Doctor Falls", triggering the regeneration process that has kept the series and its main character reinventing themselves for almost 65 years.



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