Mom spoofs Beyoncé's twins pic with her own viral snapshots

With the flowers in her garden as her backdrop Kellaway draped a blanket over her shoulders donned a veil in her hair and balanced her twins on one leg

Daughter Rumi and son Sir are only one month old, but fans can't get enough of them.

A little more low-key and snapped in her backyard, Sharon is featured wearing nothing but a blanket, a veil and sneakers - the likeness is uncanny!

"I had a few spare minutes yesterday when I saw Beyoncé photo online", she told the Mirror. "Thought my friends would get a giggle ... didn't expect it to go this far!"

Much like Beyoncé's iconic photo shoot, Kellaway's images are now going viral too. "My 6 year old took the qualifications and still did a mighty job", she says in another post on Facebook.

What's more impressive is that it was Ms Kellaway's six-year-old daughter, Megan, who clicked the pictures.

The mock photos prompted one creative social media user to put forth an effort of her own, albeit with altogether different "twins". The names were rumored after she and spouse Jay-Z documented a trademark for the names.

In the pictures, Kellaway posed in her garden and was draped in a blanket.

Beyoncé is a Queen, we all know it. The Irish lady topped the entire look with a pair of Converse sn's baby pictures.

Now, Tina, we just need an explainer on Sir's name.

"This is poetry by the [13th] century poet "Rumi" it's not only attractive but logical", Tina wrote, adding, "Sometimes we are the reason we can't find love!" But Beyonce's spoof re-created by Sharon is just the dose of laughter which takes away the Monday blues and that is all we needed.



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