Marlins trying to seize $725K building owned by fan

Jorge Mas

The Marlins, unlike most sports teams who find themselves in disputes with disappointed and angry season-ticket holders, have made a decision to sue each and every fan who breaks their contract.

Bryce Harper's cleats at last night's MLB All-Star game honored Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez.

The Marlins reportedly sued other fans who defaulted on their season ticket contracts once they found out that the franchise stripped perks from the passes. Loria fleeced Miami residents by taking public money to build a new stadium on the pretense that he would invest in a championship caliber team, then he immediately got rid of his best players.

Like [season-ticket holder Mickey] Axelband, [defendant Kenneth] Sack signed a four-year contract for season tickets in 2012 at $16,200 per ticket for a total price of $129,6000.

"I'm always up there representing Oscar (Taveras)".

"I didn't want my money back or anything, but I said, 'Please give me back the stuff you promised, '" longtime fan Mickey Axelband told New Times past year. "At the end of the day, what is the motive to go after fans like this?" The Marlins promised perks like VIP parking and free food.

Loria schemed his way into a lucrative long-term investment, thanks in no small part to civic officials who bought Loria's sob stories of financial struggle.

But many longtime fans say that when the team tanked on the field and attendance sagged during that inaugural season in Marlins Park, the Fish reneged on those promises.

When those top secret financial documents were leaked online in 2010-they revealed the team had turned tens of millions of dollars of profit every year, largely because of Major League Baseball's revenue sharing scheme.

"I'm baffled why Major League Baseball is just sitting back with their heads in the sand while Jeffrey Loria treats his own fans like this", Rose says. The Securities and Exchange Commission investigated Loria, but never took legal action against him. There's no doubt that, in a league full of crony capitalist owners, Loria is a true all-star.



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