Kim Clijsters makes a male fan wear white skirt during Wimbledon 2017

Watch Kim Clijsters makes random man put on white skirt and play at Wimbledon

One fan found out even spectators at Wimbledon have to wear white sometimes.

Kim Clijsters has always been a fan favourite and during an invitational doubles event at Wimbledon on Friday she's reminded us all why.

As he pulled the skirt up, Clijsters collapsed into a fit of the giggles before slamming a serve into his body - which he somehow managed to get back before sending his next shot into the net.

But rather than berate the gobby fan, the two-time Wimbledon semi-finalist beckoned him onto court to face her serve. During the match between Kim Clijsters and Rennae Stubbs and Andrea Jaeger and Conchita Martinez, the man shouted some directions at players which prompted the Belgium player to hand him the tennis racquet. Taking his suggestion on board, Clijsters invited the fan down to the court so he could play the point.

"That's a man, in skirt, trying to return a Kim Clijsters' serve".

In a nod to the All England Club's strict rules about clothing for competitors, Clijsters went over to the sideline and grabbed a white skirt for the man to put over his blue shorts.

After all the laughter and little bit of tennis action, the man also posed with the players in the end.



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