Kid Rock running for Senate

Kid Rock New Record Deal

MA senator Elizabeth Warren commented on a potential Kid Rock senatorial run in 2018, warning that while the rocker's political aspirations might just be a means to promote new music, it would unwise to dismiss Rock entirely. After originally shooting for a 2016 release, Rock continued working on the project - at one point even scrapping much of the existing material and starting from scratch, according to sources close to the musician.

Kid Rock took exception to some of the coverage in a July 13 post on titled, "Once again the press is wrong".

"I've got 15 days from my announcement to file paperwork with the FEC (Federal Election Commission)!" he began in the blog post. He also said he had made deals with BMG, Broken Bow, CAA, and Live Nation to release music on his own terms for the campaign.

"Senator Stabenow and I do share a love of music, although probably not the same kind", Rock wrote.

Kid Rock ends his short statement on his response to Stabenow and others with a quote: "I am the captain now".

Rock released videos after midnight for bluesy guitar based songs "Greatest Show on Earth" and "Po-Dunk", featuring a pregnant woman in bikini bottoms smoking on the front lawn. Both were shared via music videos, which readers can watch above and below; the "Greatest Show on Earth" music video teases a tour, the Greatest Show on Earth Tour, scheduled or 2018. Of course, some believed that proved the hitmaker's announcement was just a promotional stunt. Huh.

While Kid Rock's hard living rock-and-roll lifestyle, which includes a sex tape and assault charges, would traditionally be considered a liability for a political candidate, the success of President Trump's campaign past year may encourage more unconventional candidates to run for office.

Kid Rock's potential candidacy is news to Michigan Republicans.

"We don't know if this is for real or just a publicity stunt". In an email blast publicized by the Boston Herald, Warren compared Kid Rock's bid for senate to Trump's successful run for presidency.

Earlier this week, Kid Rock, whose legal name is Robert James Ritchie, tweeted a picture of a "Kid Rock for US Senate" sign along with what appears to be a campaign website. Bikini-clad women (political supporters, presumably) are pictured firing guns and drinking beer in rural MI.



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