Kathy Griffin Says She's No Longer Under Investigation After Donald Trump Incident


Ms Griffin made the statement in response to a story by news agency the Associated Press that debunked a fake-news article spreading the untrue claim the comedian was arrested last month.

Griffin sparked controversy back in May when she posed in a photo shoot with a bloodied severed head of President Trump, which sparked an investigation for being a potential threat to the Commander in Chief.

The controversial star hit headlines when she posted footage from a photo session with provocative snapper Tyler Shields on social media in May. Kathy Griffin acknowledged that she has "crossed the line" for coming up with such idea.

In case you forgot, Griffin used her platform on Twitter to release a short but concise apology where she wrote, "I'm sorry".

During a press conference where she had to apologize, the comic admitted, "I don't think I'll have a career after this (Donald Trump) broke me".

Griffin later accused the US President of bullying her.

Her lawyer soon confirmed that she was being investigated for the stunt by the Secret Service in early June, The New York Times reports. "As a result, she was reportedly interviewed for over an hour".

Kathy's career has taken a hit because of the pictures - her comedy tour in June was cancelled and she was sacked as the co-host of CNN's annual New Year's Eve show.



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