Iraqi commander says 300 ISIS fighters holed up in Mosul

Iraqi commander says 300 ISIS fighters holed up in Mosul

According to the network's reports, an official declaration of the Mosul's liberation is expected in the coming hours.

After over 1,000 days of incessant fight, on July 8 Iraqi forces managed to fully liberate Mosul following the destruction of the ISIS' last few remaining strongholds in the northern Iraqi town's Old City, and clearing the area of the terrorist group's last few hundred elements.

Islamic State militants attacked a village south of Mosul, killing several people including two journalists, even as they were about to lose their last redoubt in the city to an Iraqi military onslaught, security sources said on Friday.

"We are seeing now the last meters and then final victory will be announced".

Iraq's state TV quoted a military spokesman as saying that the militants' defense lines were collapsing.

The Islamic State will be entirely eradicated from its de facto capital in Mosul by next week, a senior general operating in Iraq said Thursday.

The offensive to retake Mosul from IS militants began in October.

The Iraqi military remains engaged in a wide-ranging campaign - launched last October in coordination with a US -led air coalition - to recapture the entire city of Mosul, ISIL's last remaining stronghold in northern Iraq. The prime minister declared an end to the extremist group's self-styled Islamic caliphate in June.

The United Nations predicts it will cost more than $1-billion to fix basic infrastructure in Mosul.

Months of urban warfare has displaced 900,000 people, about half the city's pre-war population, and killed thousands, according to aid organizations.

The offensive has damaged thousands of structures in Mosul's Old City and destroyed almost 500 buildings, satellite imagery released by the United Nations on Thursday showed.



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