Iran sentences Princeton history grad student to 10 years for spying

An American student Xiyue Wang sentences 10 years in Iran for spying charges

A Chinese-American has been handed at least 10 years of jail in Iran on spying charges, officials in Tehran said.

While Iran did not officially release the name of the accused, he was identified by a local news outlet as Xiyue Wang, a 37-year-old history researcher.

Wang was arrested in Iran last summer while doing scholarly research in connection with his Ph.D. dissertation, a university statement said.

"The Iranian regime continues to detain USA citizens and other foreigners on fabricated national-security related changes", it said.

Mohseni Ejeie accused Wang of being involved in an "infiltration project" and said the 10-year sentence could be appealed.

Further, he must decide by Monday if Iran is complying with the agreement, according to American law which requires the USA certify if Iran is in compliance every 90 days, according to The New York Times.

"He had entered the country through a special connection but the ministry of intelligence identified him and arrested him", Mohseni-Eje'i said.

Iran and the United States does not have diplomatic relations since 1980, and their reports were poisoned after the arrival of the american president Donald Trump, who has, with the Congress, has adopted a hostile stance towards Tehran. Mizan alleged that he recorded some 4,500 pages of digital documents.

The US State Department, meanwhile, has called for "the immediate release of all US citizens unjustly detained in Iran".

Day also confirmed that Wang is a USA citizen.

Permanent residents do not hold American citizenship, but they have the right to live in the U.S. indefinitely and are eligible to apply for it after living in the country for several years.

The brother of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was hospitalized with high blood pressure and tension on Monday after appearing in court, according to the state-run IRNA news agency. Iran is believed to hold a number of foreign nationals, mostly dual citizens of the United States and European countries, but many of their identities have been kept secret.

Washington also requires the cooperation of Tehran in the case of Robert Levinson, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, missing in Iran since 2007.

A judiciary spokesman announced the U.S. dual national will spend a decade behind bars after the sentence was handed down during the latest case of dual nationals held on security charges in the country.

Trump has promised to tear up the 2015 deal struck between Iran and world powers, including the United States, that lifted some sanctions in return for curbs on Tehran's nuclear programme. He was later sentenced to 10 years in prison after being accused of being an American spy.

Wang's sentence was announced the same day that authorities said they had detained President Rouhani's brother, Hossein Fereidoun, on allegations of financial misconduct.



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