Inmates Film Their Escape from California Maximum Security Prison

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It was provided to The Associated Press on Wednesday by an attorney for escapee Adam Hossein Nayeri.

A clip shows the inside of the maximum security dorm room, known as Module F, where the men were housed.

"The jail escape was an unfortunate incident that clearly put the public in danger". "You know, a lot of people like to credit us with some Houdini escape act all in eight minutes flat". In reality, it is true, we did leave that module after count.

In the video of the escape, one inmate is seen shimmying through an air vent from his cell after they sawed a leg off a bunk and cut a hole in the vent. Authorities said Duong and Nayeri got into a fight because Nayeri wanted to kill Ma while Duong did not.

Video obtained by NBC4 shows a first-person perspective of the escape. The screen is set aside as he disappears into a vent. At one point Nayeri stops and gives a thumbs-up. Jonathan Tieu reacts to the light of the cellphone.

The Orange County Register reported staffing issues and mismanagement of the jail were factors in the prisoners' escape. Previous reports said they rappelled down using bed linens.

Those items, according to Nayeri's account, included "hundreds of feet" of industrial-grade rope, a toolbox, shoes, clothes and much more.

Duong turned himself into authorities a week later, while Tieu and Nayeri were caught 400 miles away in San Francisco eight days after the escape. There are scenes from inside a van where they were sleeping.

"This is our casa right now, for the moment, this is our crib, water, all the basics", they said. "I wonder if people will ever realize what I'm talking about", one of the men say in the video.

The video also shows images from their road trip to Santa Cruz and San Francisco, where they visited the Haight-Ashbury, and pictures of the smiling taxi driver they kidnapped.

A marijuana pipe is flashed.

The three men are facing fresh charges over their escape and are scheduled to be arraigned next month.

The video does not show their recapture.

The video is narrated by Adam Hossein Nayeri, who attempts in some ways to justify the January 22, 2016, breakout, deride his captors and criticize Orange County law enforcement.

"With every ounce of our being, I absolutely feel bad for every person that was affected because of us", Nayeri said.

"But this was no secret, I mean, they knew about all this within hours afterwards", Nayeri said. Nayeri says at the end of the clip. "He just radiated this calm, fatherly presence".

Photos show Ma with Tieu on a beach, appearing to pose for the camera.

The video is filled with inmates who seem to know Nayeri is recording, but do not react, except for fellow escapee Bac Duong, who flashes a wide grin when the phone is pointed at him.