Indiana Gummy Bears With THC Hospitalize 11 Teens

11 teens hospitalized after consuming gummy bears with THC

Police in LaPorte County are investigating after a group of teenagers ate gummy bears that contained THC.

The police arrived to find a 19-year-old male along the side of the road. The 19-year-old then admitted to the police that he felt sick after ingesting an unknown drug and would like to go to the emergency room. He said his friends also had taken the drug.

Police searched the area and at a nearby home found 10 other teenagers who said they had taken the unknown drug and were suffering "rapid heart rate, pain in their legs and blurred vision; several suffering from hallucinations", police said. They said that, even if they weren't, the candy could easily be ingested by a child who mistook it for a regular lollipop. Those involved were men and women ages 18 or 19 apparently visiting from the Indianapolis-area community of Fishers.

The 11 teenagers, six of whom are male and five were female, were treated and released by Friday morning, July 7. The half gummy bear left uneaten has already been sent to the laboratory for testing.

The incident came to attention of police as a result of a 911 call placed just before midnight Thursday from the 5200 N. block of County Road 325 West.

Police located the group and transported four of the young people to Franciscan St. Anthony Hospital in Michigan City and seven went to LaPorte Hospital.

The emergency responders were not immediately aware of what the teens consumed, but the teens admitted to sharing six gummy bears, with each individual eating half of the candy.

High levels of THC were found in only two of the patients.

The authorities say all of the teens were from Fishers, Indiana were staying with a relative of one of the teens here in Laporte County. The LaPorte County Drug Task Force has been contacted and is pursuing leads in the case.



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