I Will Be 'Very Angry' If Obamacare Repeal Fails

Multiple GOP senators claim that Obamacare replacement bill is probably dead

John Kennedy said Tuesday that if he thinks the Senate GOP health care bill being negotiated behind the scenes is even a modest improvement over the federal health law he campaigned to repeal, he'll support it. Both Republican and Democratic critics say that could make it harder for people with pre-existing conditions to get insurance. Mitch McConnell initially wanted to put the Better Care Reconciliation Act to a vote before the July 4 recess, but postponed the vote when it became clear they did not have the votes for the bill to pass. But it remains to be seen whether he can satisfy moderates and hard-line conservatives in his party who have voiced opposition.

"It's important for Republicans not to be deceived by the attacks that are coming out of Chuck Schumer and the Democrats", said Cruz, who has repeatedly cautioned against setting "artificial" deadlines on a health care vote.

In addition to legislation to dismantle the 2010 Affordable Care Act, dubbed Obamacare, the postponement will allow more time to approve nominees to government posts and tend to other pressing matters, McConnell said in an earlier statement.

Later in the day, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate said that senators will vote next week on the new health care bill. The Wall Street Journal reports that 10 GOP senators who do not support the legislation before them now.

"And if we let this opportunity to move beyond Obamacare pass us by, what other options will there be?"

Republicans hold 52 Senate seats and can't afford more than two of their own party voting no on the bill.

The Senate is delaying its upcoming recess until the third week of August as it faces a packed legislative agenda and Republicans struggle to reach a consensus on an Obamacare replacement plan. However, before that they proposed for a bipartisan deal which would help with the payment of the insurance subsidies to a "repeal and delay" plan. It's out of business and we have to get this done.

The Senate was initially set to begin a five-week recess on July 31, but McConnell's decision pushes it back to the week of August 14.



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