Grey's Anatomy, the spin-off: Find out who will play the main character!

'Grey's Anatomy' Spinoff Enlists Jaina Lee Ortiz

According to Deadline, the actress will play Sandra who is described as "a sensible, fiercely intelligent and independent new public defender who was driven to the law because of an injustice perpetrated on her family when she was a child".

The spinoff series has been kept under wraps for quite some time, and is in fact still unnamed, but it has been confirmed that the series will be introduced by a backdoor pilot in one of Grey's Anatomy's fall episodes before the official launch.

Jaina Lee Ortiz is headed to ABC. She captioned the gorgeous pic, "Season 14 I'm coming for you", and added in the punching emoji so we know she meant business.

The series will follow a group of male and female firefighters (because, YES) in a Seattle firehouse as they do their heroic duties.

The crossover potential is strong with this one.

Grey's Anatomy executive producer/co-showrunner Stacy McKee created the new show, which is expected to debut sometime midseason.

The Grey's season premiere is slated for Thursday, September 28 and the cast held their first table read over the weekend. That's why we are so thrilled that she is back in the inner circle working on stories for Ellen Pompeo and the rest of the cast.

Ortiz starred on two seasons of Rosewood, as well as USA Network's Shooter and the new comedy film Girls Trip. Read on to find out more about the latest casting news on TV.