Governments to announce commitments to family planning programmes

World Population Day 2017 4 Reasons Why Family Planning Is Important

"A lot of our patients are very sceptical on using family planning because they do not have knowledge on how it functions". In observance of World Population Day 2017, FPA India Nagaland Branch in collaboration with CMO Kohima, Urban Health Centre, and National Health Mission shall be conducting family planning awareness campaign, Health Mela, Focus Group Discussion in Kohima District during population fortnight stabilization (July 11-24, 2017).

This year's theme is: "Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations" and calls for more investment in Family Planning.

The aim of World Population Day is to increase awareness among people on overpopulation issues such as the importance of family planning, gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights.

The Funding Mechanism is expected to speed up to the procurement process, lower the cost of contraceptives, and ultimately reduce up to 50 per cent of UNFPA-related contraceptive stock-outs-delivering better results for countries, donors, and the women and families they serve.

"Populating the world is a mandate given unto man by God, but when you concentrate on carrying out that order, without adequate plans to train them, you find out you are no longer carrying out that order".

"There are five main types of family planning methods; they are barrier methods, hormonal methods, use of IUDs, natural methods and permanent methods". Overall, it seems clear that child marriage contributes to a lack of family planning. "They are always busy caring for their babies and do not have enough time to think about business and how they can improve it", she said while urging fellow women to seek to understand Family Planning in order to have stable and happy families.

The UK will save the life of one woman every 90 minutes through its global leadership in supporting modern, voluntary family planning, International Development Secretary Priti Patel will announce today at a major international summit.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), access to safe, voluntary family planning is a human right and has the power to boost the development of entire countries. Many women still do not have access to information and Family Planning services.

Mrs Gates, who is a trustee of the world's largest private philanthropic organisation and is married to Microsoft founder Bill, said societies where women have control of family planning are more likely to enjoy "peace and stability".

He further noted the challenges affecting the implementation of family planning were minimal commitment from the authorities in governance and heavy dependence on global donor support for family planning services.

"Since then, 30 million additional women and girls have began using modern contraceptives - bringing the total to a record 300 million users across the 69 countries".

While the USA government was not a participant in the conference, Congress later this summer will appropriate 2018 funding for family planning efforts, and Melinda Gates indicated she would be encouraging members to continue their support. Using safe and effective family planning methods is a key factor in reducing poverty.

In short more people mean more food, more jobs and jobs securities, more energy and social services and other necessities of life, which a country like Pakistan seems fail to provide.



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