'Game of Thrones': Which Stark is most likely to survive?

One of the most compelling things about Game of Thrones is that nobody is safe.

Ironically, Jon isn't officially a real Stark yet, and the only person who knows for sure that he's related to the Targaryens is Bran.

Tyrion is now her Hand of the King, or Queen in this case.

The scriptwriters have brutalized women, killed children, depicted graphic sex and had their characters hacked, stabbed, flayed, poisoned, decapitated, burned alive, eye-gouged and eviscerated - all in glorious, close-up detail. Arya is a skilled killer, but this is nearly like a wolf cub trying to bring down a rampaging bear that feels no pain, all on her own.

Last season, we saw the long-suffering Sansa negotiate an alliance with Littlefinger and his Knights of the Vale in order to save Jon Sow's bacon at the Battle of the Bastards. I didn't really know what to make of it. She's the one who wants to put Winterfell back to its original glory and, while maybe not in the total noble Ned Stark way, she's doing it with a little more swagger. Daenerys is one of the few other characters with a kind soul, but she is also a harsh ruler. "They can expect for Sansa a lot of grappling with the new palace she has, and coming to terms with the fact that she's only ever been a captive, and under other people's influence, and finally she has the biggest power". Jon, after all, had his brotherhood at the Night's Watch. A burden for all who accompany him, the youngest Stark has already caused the death of Three Eyed Raven, Hodor and the Summer Wolf ... Just like Nicholas Ghesquiere's former actress muses, she possesses an ethereal, otherworldly look, making her the ideal fashion plate for his futuristic designs. In addition to the interest value of a different Stark family reunion, putting the two of them together could allow Bran to a mentor Arya-and the two could continue striking names off Arya's list. She has no problem putting people in their place with fear much like the Mad King and even Joffrey. "And she has changed measurably, it's really a lovely transformation". However, she's still being creeped on by the devious Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. He's kind of got the whole package and has a great team around him.

Game of Thrones has followed the Stark family from the very beginning, when they were all together and we couldn't imagine all the disgusting ways they would be separated from each other.

Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell in "The Game of Thrones".

The show has been teasing winter's arrival since its pilot episode in 2011, and with the season six finale entitled "The Winds of Winter", the camera crew was forced to wait for colder weather to begin filming season seven.

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