French President Macron Under Fire Over Africa 'Civilization' Comments

French President Macron Under Fire Over Africa 'Civilization' Comments

He also has held it up as a symbol of a global system that takes advantage of the United States and its workers, proudly proclaiming he represents "Pittsburgh, not Paris" as he pulled the US from a global climate deal.

Macron later said the aggression was intentional, but at last week's G20 summit in Germany the two men appeared far more relaxed. "Everything he does is very deliberate, very purposeful", says Jeremy Lagalee, a French lawyer in DC who is active with an En Marche! chapter in Washington that claims about 200 members. Macron, 39, is an ardent European integrationist more than three decades younger who sees himself as an honest broker of worldwide relations.

By hosting Trump now, Macron ensured that the USA president visited him before Macron visited Washington; that gives Macron an edge in the two leaders' ongoing power play.

In Paris, Trump will seek common ground on diplomatic and military endeavours.

Trump could use a friend overseas.

The US President took to Twitter to convey the news.

The French leader was slammed for his comments on social media by users who said children are once again being blamed for the African crisis, rather than the Western firms that are "looting" them.

And their first meeting was marked by aggressive body language: Macron gripping Trump's hand for an extended shake, their eyes locking as cameras clicked away.

American climate advocates say they're optimistic about Macron's approach. Meanwhile, Trump's predecessor Barack Obama endorsed Macron.

Beyond Syria and the Middle East, the Elysee said Macron would also press Trump for more support in financing a new West African military force to battle militants in the Sahel, where France wants to wind down its troop presence.

In a lengthy reply, Mr Macron also listed issues including Islamist terrorism, drugs and weapons trafficking but said there were examples showing the "continent is a land of opportunity". Trump has made few friends in Europe with his rejection of the Paris accord on climate change and "America First" trade stance. Countless thousands of Parisians have already left for the long French vacations, and the city already has a languid, empty feel.

It is unclear whether the leaders will address thornier issues such as policy toward Iran, possible American tariffs on steel and Russian Federation sanctions legislation in the U.S. Congress that might derail a 9.5 billion euro gas pipe project in which France's Engie SA has a stake.

Macron's rhetorical broadsides against Trump underline an aggressive diplomatic and domestic agenda, designed both to boost the Paris agreement and pressure the USA on worldwide climate work. Before the dinner, the program of Donald Trump has not yet been totally fixed.

Bastille Day commemorates the storming by crowds on July 14, 1789 of the prison where the monarchy's opponents were held, during the start of the French Revolution.

The French military in Friday's parade is deeply involved in fighting Al-Qaeda in Mali and elsewhere in West Africa, and the French fighter jets in the flypast have been key to the USA -led air strikes on ISIS positions in Syria. "Trump remains unchallenged and gets the grandeur that he enjoys".

The greater risk is for Trump, said Thomas Gomart, director of the French Institute for International Relations. Moreover, he senses an opportunity to sway US thinking and elevate the role of France, a nuclear power and permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, in global affairs, in particular on Syria and the Middle East, they added. So yes, there is a disagreement, like I said to President Trump, and then I said it publicly, because there is nothing to hide.

"The Russians are pleased to have a grown-up to talk to in Europe", a second French diplomat said.



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