Florida motorist dodges death as large pipe crushes van

Florida motorist dodges death as large pipe crushes van

A Florida man survived van being crushed by falling scrap metal pipe. A 7,000 pound piece of metal pipe fell from the highway overpass, and landed on the van.

An Orlando man sustained only minor injuries when a large piece of scrap metal crushed his van after falling from a highway overpass Saturday morning, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

A massive piece of metal crashed into his vehicle, but Escobar suffered only minor injuries.

The scrap metal truck overturned and a 7,000lb (3.2-tonne) pipe segment fell off it, then rolled over the side of the overpass and onto Jesus's Pontiac van, crushing it nearly completely, according to WFTV9.

The truck is seen laying on its side on the Florida highway. "But they came out and said, 'Nope, he's only got scratches.' It's insane".

The scrap metal hauler was on a ramp heading to westbound I-4 at the time.

The truck was driven by 33-year-old Antonio Santiago Wharton of Kissimmee.

The semi's driver was cited for careless driving.



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