First The Walking Dead Season 8 Photo Debuts

First The Walking Dead Season 8

The first official look at Season 8 comes from Entertainment Weekly.

After scattering numerous key characters during the past several seasons of The Walking Dead, it looks like season 8 will see plenty of long-awaited meetings and reunions.

Whether Carol and Daryl's relationship becomes more romantic in nature or not, the promise of new and old characters coming together this season should make any fan of The Walking Dead excited.

When season 7 came to its bloody climax, we were faced with the beginnings of what is sure to be the biggest battle in the history of the show.

Of course, as TV Guide notes, this isn't a real reunion between the two characters, who have been around since Season 1 of the show, as that occurred in Season 7, when Daryl inadvertently convinced Carol to come out of hiding.

'It was exciting to see all these configurations of characters we hadn't seen before.

Showrunner Scott Gimple told the site, "The season finale past year, seeing all the characters together interacting as one, was thrilling".

The Walking Dead will return for Season 8, premiering with its 100th episode, this fall. "Even Aaron merely giving Jerry an apple felt satisfying", he told EW.

EW has gifted the internet our first sneak peek at Season 8, complete with a attractive reunion between Daryl and Carol, who barely had any on-screen time together during Season 7. "(The upcoming season) is that times a million".

Season 8 is going to be an all-out war between the Saviors and their trash-heap allies and the Alexandrians and their allies the Kingdom and Hilltop.



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