First picture of Al Pacino as Joe Paterno revealed

Joe Paterno and Al Pacino

Barry Levinson has signed on as executive producer and director of the film, which will chronicle the scandal that tarnished Paterno's legacy, almost destroyed the Penn State football program, resulted in jail time for several university administrators and shattered dozens of lives.

Ganim is the young journalist who first broke the Sandusky story while working as a reporter for a local newspaper in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

When it was announced that Pacino would be the leading role, many people wondered what he would like as Paterno. He died the following year in 2012.

In addition to the Pacino photo, HBO released a few more casting details. That may apply to Penn State administrators Tim Curley and Graham Spanier, who were sentenced to prison in connection with the Sandusky scandal, as well.

Paterno died in early 2012 of complications from lung cancer just two months after he was sacked from his longtime coaching job.

Pacino seems to have an affinity for playing the lead in HBO biopics. The controversial role as Dr. Jack Kevorkian won Pacino an Emmy and a Golden Globe award.

The Oscar-winning Pacino has played a football coach before, in Oliver Stone's 1999 drama "Any Given Sunday", though that character was a fictional one.

The flick is centered around an ex-con who is out for revenge against a rapper and former friend who let him take the fall for a robbery they had committed 14 years prior. At the time, Brian De Palma was supposed to direct the film based on Joe Posananki's book, "Paterno".

This is not the "Heat" actor's first time teaming up with HBO. Levinson directed and executive produced "You Don't Know Jack", as well as executive produced "Phil Spector".



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