Facebook app's camera now makes GIFs

How do you do, fellow kids: Facebook now lets you create wacky GIFs, because of course

Some Facebook users will now be able to create their own GIFs using the camera function in the social networking giant's app. The feature is gradually being rolled out, as is often the case, so it's not available for all users just yet.

The new feature was spotted by TNW's Matt Navarra, and for now, it's visible to some iOS users.

Facebook's GIF feature should be available to you already - to access it, simply swipe right on the home screen to access the built-in camera. It works well enough, and you can add a bunch of different frames, and filters (including some cool Prisma-esque style transfer effects).

While in GIF mode, the Facebook Camera can record footage for a few seconds and then transforms the video to GIF files.

There is no word yet on when the Facebook GIF maker will arrive to the app's Android version, but it will likely not take long.



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