Ed Sheeran Has Appeared As a Soldier In Game of Thrones

Umm who are you? Source HBO

After appearing as a Lannister soldier on Game of Thrones season 7, Ed is set to appear on The Simpsons.

"It's new one", Sheeran answers.

The move comes after he was criticised for making a brief appearance on Game of Thrones, which saw him serenade Arya Stark with a ballad.

Another poked fun at the lines in the episode: "Arya: That's a pretty song".

Fans flooded to the internet to discuss Ed's special appearance.

Crooner Ed Sheeran landed a small role on the opener of Game Of Thrones, but some who are, as they describe it, "forced" to listen to Ed Sheeran on a daily basis, were not thrilled that they couldn't escape the singing Ginger. I've never heard it before.

What's Ed Sheeran doing in Westeros?!

"I go on it and there's nothing but people saying mean things", he reportedly told The Sun.

Sporting a tattoo of Blinky the three-eyed fish, Sheeran is a longtime Simpsons fan, something which obviously brought him to the attention of the show's executive producer Al Jean, who arranged to have Sheeran record his part over the phone from England.

Some have also suggested that he may have been motivated by the publication of a Buzzfeed article, 24 Tweets Ed Sheeran Will Probably Delete Soon, although there is no evidence that the singer has actually seen the piece. Sheeran's episode is expected to air in January.



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