Delta Scolds Ann Coulter Following Twitter Rant, $30 Refund


Delta Airlines has apologized via Twitter to conservative author and hate-monger Ann Coulter, who last night berated the airline for giving away her seat. She tweeted she was moved "w/o explanation, compensation or apology".

"We will refund Ms. Coulter's $30 for the preferred seat on the exit row that she purchased".

Delta through a prepared statement released on Sunday said that it was disappointed that a passenger chose to attack its employees as well as other customers publicly by posting slanderous and derogatory comments as well as photos across social media. Coulter rebutted it cost her $10,000 in time and effort to do all the legwork to ensure she had legroom.

She joked that Delta hires people who seek to be prison guards, animal handlers or East German police. Everyone, including Coulter, complied and the flight departed and landed without further incident, according to Delta.

The right-wing commentator followed up the tweet with a photo of the flight attendant she claimed told her to give up the seat for another passenger. "Here's the woman given my PRE-BOOKED seat".

During her Twitter onslaught, Coulter referred to some of the Delta crew members as "Nurse Ratchets" - alluding to the main villain in the classic 1975 film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, as reported by The Washington Post. "Her actions are unnecessary and unacceptable", said the Delta statement. I would like to look into this further.

She continued berating the airline in a stream of tweets, calling Delta the "suckiest" airline and suggesting a new motto for the airline.

- Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 15, 2017Suck-ass @Delta spends all this $$$ on handsome aircraft & then hire Nurse Ratchets as flight attendants & gate agents. Ann Coulter was quoted as describing her experience with secuity at the Harrisburg, PA airport as, "took special care in waving the wand over my barefeet - barefeet! - but then quickly turned to the main issue at hand: the risk of an exploding bra".



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