Criminal record entitled with presidential poll 2017

1,581 MPs with criminal background will elect next President of India

All three major political parties in the state - Congress, the BJP and the JD (S) - have convened their legislature party meetings on Monday morning at the Vidhana Soudha, where polling for the presidential election is scheduled to be held.

Additionally, 3,460 or 71 out of 4,852 MPs and MLAs broke down are multi-tycoons according to their self-sworn oaths submitted to the Election Commission at the season of selection for challenging decisions.

New Delhi, July 16 (IANS): MPs and MLAs can not use their pens and will have to mark their preferences in the Presidential poll on Monday with a specially-designed writing instrument.

"When the member comes out of the voting chamber, the special pen will be taken back and the polling staff will return the personal pen", the spokesperson said.

A special pen, with special ink will be given to the MPs and MLAs and they will be required to mark their preference from among both candidates for the country's top post.

He also served Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) for 12 years (1994-2006).

Shah, who is an MLA from Gujarat and was allowed to cast his vote in Parliament, also used his franchise in the contest between Kovind and Kumar, who was a former Lok Sabha Speaker.

A majority of the MPs and MLAs who will vote in next week's presidential polls are crorepatis, accounting for 75 per cent of the total votes, says a report.

The Election Commission has appointed 33 observers to conduct the election.

Similarly, the panel has permitted five MLAs to exercise their vote in Parliament and four other MLAs to vote in other state legislative assemblies.

After voting ends, ballot boxes from the states would be flown to Delhi and stored in Parliament. While Parrikar is a Rajya Sabha member, Adityanath and Maurya are Lok Sabha members. There are 126 MLAs in the State, 14 Lok Sabha MPs and seven Rajya Sabha MPs. The counting of votes will be done on July 20.



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