Chipotle taste-testing queso sauces at New York City test kitchen

Chipotle taste-testing queso sauces at New York City test kitchen

But now it's test-marketing a new "queso" dip?

In a reply to a tweet, the Tex-Mex chain confirmed they were working on a queso dip.

Long avoided because of Chipotle's stance on using industrial additives, added colors, flavors or preservatives, the fast casual brand is now testing queso in New York City.

Among its new menu offerings are two kinds of frozen margaritas, a new salad and long-awaited queso dip, one of the most demanded dishes at the chain according to Eater New York.

The most anticipated item?

Chipotle has attempted for the past year or more to recover from the problems that were caused by people becoming ill after eating at some of their restaurants.

If the dish becomes successful at the NEXT kitchen, Chipotle plans expand it out to as few as 20 locations up to "a couple hundred" restaurants Chipotle CEO Steve Ells told Eater. "It's very hard to make queso that meet our standards".

However, with a rich, savory, smoky burn flavor, the cheese from Chipotle will make for an excellent addition to their flagship burrito and preferable to the array of shredded cheese that the chain is offering now as one of its toppings.

"While the lack of elasticity is disappointing to queso traditionalists, when it's added to a burrito, these textural flaws are all but forgotten".

Customers of Chipotle were excited to hear the news.

People are already posting queso photos and videos on Instagram.

No word on when the dip might hit menus across the country.



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