Camilla glowing at 70 in new portrait by photographer to the stars

   Camilla’s new birthday portrait was taken by Mario Testino

Camilla Parker-Bowles has been celebrating her 70th birthday in style all week with one celebration after another.

Indeed some fans, such as her biographer Penny Junor, have suggested that far from being one of the biggest dangers to the House of Windsor and the monarchy in general, warm, earthy and intelligent Camilla is now one of its biggest assets.

The picture, which was taken in May, was captured by celebrity photographer Mario Testino at Clarence House.

The royal couple seem very content, both in public and private, and it's clear that Camilla has made Charles very happy.

The Duchess of Cornwall turns 70 on Monday - 18 months before Prince Charles becomes a septuagenarian himself.

Camilla has just reached the average age of the people the charity helps and has reason to be thankful - as she was this weekend surrounded by friends at her birthday bash.

Camilla glowing at 70 in new portrait by photographer to the stars

The Duchess reaches her milestone birthday in good form. Her husband, 68, is in a British wool suit, light blue tie and pocket handkerchief. "In a statement, the latter said that he was very " honored " to have immortalized the couple " for this very important date ", that is to say, the 70th birthday of the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Peruvian photographer said that when he first met Camilla, more than a decade ago, he "discovered a kind and lovely person with a wonderful sense of humour".

The Queen and Prince Philip marked the 70th anniversary of their engagement, Philip fulfilled his final ceremonial duty, and now the Duchess of Cornwall has celebrated her 70th birthday.

Last Thursday, the Duchess hosted a star-studded party at Clarence House.

Those who attended included the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Camilla's children.



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