Baffled by 'Game of Thrones'? That's the glory of it

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Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its penultimate season on Sunday, July 16 at 9 p.m. ET. Fans of ABC's "The Bachelor" root for their favorite contestant on the show and on show-themed fantasy drafts, while AMC's "The Walking Dead" has its own post-show chat with "Talking Dead".

What would you like to see from a Game of Thrones spinoff?

Jon and Sansa made a decision to go to battle against Ramsay Bolton and his well-trained army, once he sent Sansa a letter letting her know that he had Rickon.

The new season of GoT only has seven episodes as opposed to the usual 10, but we're counting on quality over quantity.

One of the things that makes Game of Thrones so addictive is how much there is to talk about and analyze with fellow Thrones fans after each episode and before the next.

Another Game of Thrones prophecy that is the topic of much conversation is the prophecy of Azor Ahai, someone who basically is supposed to save the world in its darkest hour.

Jirkovsky, 23, of Toms River, and her college friends spend every season premiere in Hammonton at the home of their friend, A.C. Weekly graphic artist Rebecca King.

Martin said there are good TV shows to binge on while waiting for Game of Thrones Season 7, which can very well apply to those holding their breath for The Winds of Winter 2017 release date. With the come back of Jon Snow in the last season, there's a lot to discuss dragons and fights before season 7.

The television industry is changing with more and more people choosing to forgo traditional viewing habits for on-demand and streaming options.

Game of Thrones

Will she come for Cersei, the Mountain or others next? Think of it like "SportsCenter" but for "Game of Thrones".

And what about his brother, the Mountain, who is basically a zombie now after nearly dying in his battle with Oberyn. Born as a bastard from the incestuous relationship between Cersei Lannister and her brother Jaime, he was at once compelling and unlovable.

While the dramatic season six finale was wholly gratifying, it did nothing to ease our anticipation - with so many questions still left to be answered.

History suggests "Game of Thrones" will have a hard time improving yet again.

We last saw him as we said goodbye to sweet Hodor, who gave his life to save the powerful boy.

Isaac Hempstead Wright: Oh, yeah!

Ironically, Jon isn't officially a real Stark yet, and the only person who knows for sure that he's related to the Targaryens is Bran. Bran took over as the three-eyed raven, so he should play a big role in the final two seasons on "Thrones".

Obviously, there's no word on when or how Gendry will return but hey, at least we'll FINALLY find out where he's been rowing all this time.



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