Avan Jogia Auditioned For "Aladdin", But Casting Him Would Be Wrong

039;Victorious' star Avan Jogia has reacted to the Twitter frenzy over his possible 'Aladdin' casting

We're sure he has the chops and we can't fault him for sending in an audition tape, seeing as how Disney reportedly put out a call encouraging both Middle Eastern and Indian actors to audition for the role.

Disney's reportedly struggling to find potential Aladdins who sing, act, dance and are of the correct ethnicity.

Gupta had made his Bollywood debut with 'Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi', opposite Simran Kaur Mundi. However, Aladdin could be a huge game-changer for the actor. "Siddharth is ideal for it, and has already signed the Non Disclosure agreement with the Film's makers.", says the report. It's not yet clear if Disney or director Guy Ritchie will attempt to rectify the story so that it more accurately depicts Middle Eastern culture entirely. As THR reports, familiar faces such as Riz Ahmed and Dev Patel have also been considered in the months-long, "massive global search" that saw approximately 2,000 actors and actresses audition for leading roles. Yet, despite testing almost 2,000 actors and actresses, the studio has yet to finalize the casting of its two major characters. Joseph is credited with doing casting for films like Life of Pi, The Namesake and Lion, and has earned a reputation for casting appropriate Indian actors for Indian parts in Hollywood films. He had even roped in Mumbai based casting director Tess Joseph.



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